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Hoarding panels UV printed
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Looking for an effective way to advertise your business or project 24/7? Why not try construction site hoardings? These hoardings can promote your company or the structure being built cost-effectively, delivering maximum impact and awareness. At Express Hoardings, we offer a wide range of custom printed site hoarding panels to suit your needs. Our standard hoarding panel sizes are 2440 x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft) and 3050 x 1500mm (10ft x 5ft). Additionally, we offer super-sized hoarding panels unlike any other in the market. These include 3050 x 2000mm (10ft x 6.4ft) and 4050 x 2000mm (13ft x 6.4ft) panel sizes, printed on durable aluminium composite for strength and longevity. We also offer a complete solution for all your printed hoarding project needs, including hoarding panels, branding panels and site safety signs all created in-house, utilising the latest state-of-the-art printing, finishing, and installation equipment. Our dedicated team is always ready to deliver the highest levels of quality and service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. What are you waiting for?

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Why choose
printed hoardigns

When it comes to construction sites, fencing and building hoardings are a crucial aspect of ensuring safety and security. However, instead of leaving them blank, why not consider using our printed hoardings such as ACM site hoarding panels made from materials like SkyBond or DiBond? Here are some of the benefits:

Enhanced Aesthetics

Printed hoardings can turn an otherwise dull construction site into an attractive and eye-catching display. They can be customised with unique designs, logos or messages that align with the values and marketing strategies of the company. This not only enhances the site’s aesthetic value but also promotes the brand.

Improved Safety

Printed hoardings can improve safety by communicating vital information such as danger zones, emergency procedures and warnings, preventing accidents and injuries. They also keep pedestrians and motorists away from hazardous areas.

Easy to Install & Remove

ACM site hoarding boards are lightweight and easily installed without the need for heavy equipment, making them an ideal choice for temporary fencing. They are also easily removed without causing damage to the fencing or the environment.


Printed hoardings are made with durable materials and cutting-edge printing techniques that offer long-lasting protection against external factors such as weather, UV rays and vandalism.


Unlike traditional advertising methods, printed hoardings offer a cost-effective marketing tool that reaches a wide audience at a fraction of the cost. They are a one-time investment that can be reused for multiple projects.

How to engage the public

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Browse our product catalogue of hoarding panels, branding panels and site safety signs below and start saving on your next order. Our range of products can be customised to meet your specific needs, providing you with assurance as you make your purchases online. Don't hesitate, start shopping now!

Our 4 step

After you have made your purchase we make the process as easy as possible by following these four simple steps to help promote your brand and message in the best possible way.

01. Detailed Site Surveys

Our sign consultants will carry out a complimentary site survey, if required to obtain accurate measurements to ensure graphic design work functions properly on hoardings that may encounter sloping or uneven terrain.

02. Studio design service

Our design team love to be creative and relish a challenge. Having years of experience in graphic installations, they will work closely with you to help bring your ideas to life! We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

03. Digital printing

We utilise the latest state of the art digital print and finishing equipment to achieve the highest resolution, most vibrant fade resistant colours and express lead times. Your advertisements will simply look better for longer.

04. Delivery and installation

Our installation teams are fully accredited, insured, highly trained, and experienced to ensure accurate installations in a safe and timely fashion. We can cover any scale of job regardless of size, complexity and location.

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We are delighted to be a part of the Poppy Signs family group of companies, providing first-rate sign production services to our customers in Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Poppy Signs Ltd has years of expertise designing and manufacturing shop signs, vehicle wraps, decals, banners, digital printing, sign writing, and more.

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