Site Safety Signs

Health and safety signs are present everywhere around the world, from schools, universities, workplaces, factories, construction sites to hospitals. These signs are easy to understand, even for people who do not speak English. They often contain simple symbols that are internationally recognised, such as the skull and crossbones that indicate a potentially deadly hazard or the flame that warns of a fire.

Their main purpose is to prevent accidents in public places and workplaces, provide information, and display warnings or prohibitions. During emergencies, health and safety signs are crucial for everyone to understand what to do, how to follow instructions, find evacuation routes, and locate the necessary fire protection and first aid equipment.

The size and font used in the signs should always be chosen according to the distance from which they have to be read, ensuring that the texts and pictograms are legible. Compliance with the regulations around these signs is also essential, as many of them have internationally recognized designs.

At Express Hoardings, we offer a comprehensive range of construction site site safety signs that adhere to current regulations. We provide access awareness signs, warning signs, fire safety signs, first aid signs, hazard signs, compulsory construction wear signs, and other information and prohibition signs like "no smoking" or "keep door shut.". Our use of colour ensures that those who cannot understand the language can understand the images. All our site safety signs are made of durable Correx boards and UV inks for longer lasting weathering. We offer both standard templates and custom designs to suit our clients' preferences and requirements.

Material Used

Choosing the right material for a site safety signs can be a complex task. To simplify things for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand the benefits of Correx material.

What is Correx?

Correx is a type of extruded polypropylene sheet that is sold under a specific brand name. While it is sometimes referred to as corrugated plastic, it is different from corrugated cardboard in that it consists of a single piece with two flat surfaces and flutes, or open pipes, running through it. The thickness of Correx is determined by the size of these flutes.

What Material is Correx composed of?

Correx is manufactured using propylene ethylene copolymer, which is a type of corrugated plastic.

What is the manufacturing process of Correx?

The production process of Correx involves the use of a molten plastic material that is forced through a metal template or die. As the plastic material passes through the template, it cools down and solidifies into a continuous sheet. The sheet is later cut into individual boards which can be printed on.

Is there a difference between Correx, Corvex, Coriflute and Corrugated plastic sheets?

If you're confused about the similarities or differences between Correx, Corvex, Coriflute and corrugated plastic, don't worry. While these may seem like different products, they are all essentially the same thing: corrugated plastic sheets.

That being said, it's important to note that Correx is actually a brand name that has become so widespread that people use it as a generic term to describe any type of polypropylene fluted plastic sheeting. So, whether you're looking for Coriflute or Corvex, you're essentially looking for the same thing as Correx.

Is Correx recyclable?

Yes, Correx can be recycled and it belongs to the Waste stream 5 category.

Does Correx decompose naturally?

Although Correx cannot be classified as biodegradable, it will eventually decompose and fall apart with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Does Correx have waterproof properties?

Correx is definitely 100% waterproof, making it an excellent option for temporary signs and outdoor advertising displays that require printing.

What is the temperature range that Correx can handle without melting?

The temperature at which Correx begins to soften is around 144 degrees Celsius and it will completely melt at 165 degrees Celsius.

Is Correx resistant to fire?

Ordinary Correx does not have fire-resistant properties. However, there are alternatives that offer flame-retardant capabilities. We recommend consulting with our team to explore these options further.

What is the strength of Correx?

Correx is an incredibly strong material that can withstand a significant amount of force. It's especially resistant to tearing or breaking when its thickness is 4mm or greater, making it highly durable for a wide range of applications. However, it should be noted that while it can be easily bent along the flutes, it's much more challenging to bend it across them.

What is Correx used for?

Correx, a corrugated plastic material, finds its applications in a broad spectrum of industries. The material's uses are determined by its thickness.

The 2mm-thick Correx variety, being the thinnest, is widely used in tray and packaging applications.

The 4mm version is the preferred choice of many printers for small outdoor signs and point of sale products that include stockist boards, safety signs, and bollard covers.

Thicker 6mm and 8mm Correx varieties find their use in creating larger signage, where their extra thickness adds to their strength.

Product Specification

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 600 × 400 mm



300 x 400mm, 450 x 600mm, 600 x 400mm, 600 x 750mm, 800 x 600mm, 1100 x 900mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 2440 x 1200mm


Single Sided, Double Sided


None, Pre-Drilled


Contact me - I need artwork created**, I will e-mail by artwork after I have ordered, I will upload artwork now*, No Artwork Required

Artwork Submission Process

    1. Artwork files created and submitted.
    2. Files are checked and prepared for print by our art department.
    3. A low resolution is sent to you for approval.
    4. You check your proof and either approve or advise (if not approved, new files / fonts / images should be supplied at this point).
    5. Artwork is sent to print.

We will let you know at the earliest opportunity if your files are not suitable.

Artwork Set Up

We recommend that you obtain the templates provided for each product. This will aid you in precisely positioning your graphics before uploading them with your order. Templates are available in the following file formats: ai, and pdf. If you are not a graphic designer, we recommend downloading software that will enable you to view the provided templates. Use a PDF reader by clicking here to get a free version:

The extra amount of printed image that extends beyond the edge of the product, ensuring edge to edge printing. 2mm bleed is required on the majority of all artwork, unless the templates shows otherwise.

Software & File Types

The prices shown are for your artwork to be supplied in a "ready to print" format.

  • Our preferred file type for artwork submission is an editable, uncompressed PDF.
  • We are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
  • All images should be embedded into the file, supplied at 300dpi, 100% scale and CMYK.

Please Note: Word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher are not publishing programmes, and if we attempted to convert them, the results would be costly and unpredictable. It is your obligation to provide us with precise, print-ready artwork.  Since we cannot be held liable for print mistakes or delays where incorrect artwork has been supplied, please carefully review your artwork before sending it to us.

Colour Output

  • All artwork files must be set up as CMYK.
  • Please remember to:
    • Convert all RGB images and colours to CMYK
    • Convert all spot colours to process CMYK for digital printing
      (Pantone matching cannot be guaranteed for digital printing)
    • Specify Pantone colours if your job has been costed for screen print in spot colours

Fonts & Images

Convert text to outlines
To prevent missing font issues, please make sure all text in your document is converted to outlines. This is done by selecting the drop down menu ‘Type’ in Illustrator and InDesign, then ‘Create Outlines’. If this is not possible, please supply the font files themselves, as either a .ttf or .otf.

Any pixel based images in your artwork should either be embedded or supplied with your files. They should be supplied at a resolution of 300dpi, 100% scale, as this prevents the final print looking pixelated. Please check the resolution of your images, as they may look ok on screen but not in print. Please save your images in one of the following formats: .tiff , .jpg , .psd , .pdf.

Sending Your Artwork

Maximum file size: 19mb. File types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf svg eps ai psd zip.

If your files exceed the 19mb limit, you can use a third-party tool named WeTransfer icon Transfer To send your files, use the email [email protected] for the 'Email to' and provide us with a valid email address or/and order number if the files are sent outside of our services.

Please contact one of our team members if you require assistance with file types or artwork resolution.

Delivery Rate Information

Delivery Rate Delivery Price (% Fee p/u qty) Delivery Type
Small Sized Product(s) £3.99 fixed + £0.80 per unit qty* ex.Vat 5 - 7 Working Days**
Med Sized Product(s) £6.99 fixed + £1.10 per unit qty* ex.Vat 5 - 7 Working Days**
Large Sized Product(s) £9.99 fixed + £1.50 per unit qty* ex.Vat 5 - 7 Working Days**
Min Spend £1.500 Free Delivery 5 - 7 Working Days**
Pickup Only (Mon-Fri) FREE Head Office

Delivery service is only available for delivery addresses within the UK Mainland.

We aim to deliver your order within 5 to 7 working days from purchase using a courier service that requires a signature upon delivery. If you are not available to receive your order, a card will be left with instructions to call and arrange alternative delivery.

Upon placing your order, you will receive notifications regarding order picking, dispatch, and delivery updates.

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays; orders placed on non-working days will be delivered on the next available working day.

It is essential to carefully inspect your item(s) upon delivery and refuse any damaged goods. If you are unable to check the item(s), please sign for the goods as unchecked, and notify us immediately concerning any issues found*

*Delivery prices is based on a fixed rate + fee per unit. e.g. Qty 1 = £3.99 + £0.80 p/u = £4.79 ex.Vat. An additional fee of £0.80 per unit (Qty) is applied thereafter. Price example is based on a small item from our catalogue.

**Please keep in mind that we will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to deliver the packages within the estimated delivery timeframe. Moreover, we cannot refund any out of pocket expenses or costs incurred in cases of failed or delayed deliveries.


We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Apple & Google Pay services.

Card Type Acceptance Merchant
MasterCard Accepted PayPal / Stripe
Visa Accepted PayPal / Stripe
American Express Not Accepted PayPal / Stripe
Google Pay* Coming Soon Stripe / Google Pay
Apple Pay* Accepted Stripe / Apple Pay

*Apple & Google Pay services are only accessible depending on the device(s) you are using:-

  • Google Pay; checkout using Chrome on an Android phone, Tablet, and PC.
  • Apple Pay; check out using Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Please note: We do not hold any credit or debit card details on our server! All credit or debit card details are held using a third party merchant account service which include; PayPal; Stripe; Google Pay & Apple Pay. We are not liable if these accounts are effected outside of our services.

Returning Defective Goods

If you happen to receive damaged or defective products, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving your order through email at [email protected] or by phone at 01257 241222.

We highly recommend getting proof of delivery when you return the items. We are not liable for any products lost during the return shipping.

If possible, we will replace the damaged or defective products at no extra cost. We will deliver the replacement products to you without any delivery charge. However, if we are unable to replace the product, we will refund you the full purchase price plus delivery charge, and this will be our maximum liability.

For more information, you may refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Cancelling your Order

If you need to cancel your order, you have the right to do so under the Distance Selling Regulations. To cancel, simply contact us by phone or email within 24 hours after your purchase date, and make sure to provide your order number. This allows us enough time to stop any printing or installation processes and process your refund. Refunds will be issued to the credit or debit card used to make the purchase.

Our Delivery Partners

Our delivery partners - FedEx, dpd, Tuffnells and APC.


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Site Safety Signs

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Ensure the safety of your employees and customers at all times, regardless of the working conditions. We offer a wide range of construction site safety signs to chose from, health and safety sign bundles and packs, as well as large safety signs and site safety and signage, among others, all at highly competitive prices.

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**Fee applies. A £25 charge = 1 hour design time. Additional charges will apply if project requires more time. These will be charged outside of our online services.
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Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched, and we're committed to delivering not only top-notch print services, but also exceptional customer care. When you choose Express Hoardings, you can trust that your printing job will be delivered on time and to the highest standard possible.

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