Platinum Q3 printer - print head

Discover the Platinum Q3 Hybrid Printer - The Future of Printing

What is the Platinum Q3 printer

The Platinum Q3 Hybrid Printer by LIYU International is the latest addition to the Platinum printer family, joining its smaller sister, the Platinum Q2 Hybrid Printer. This larger printer is designed to accommodate larger media, such as 3-metre boards, making it a top choice for large-scale printing projects. In addition, this printer features an unattended 3-metre roll and take-up unit, allowing for heavy banner and vinyl rolls to be used with ease.

Platinum Q3 printer in operation
Platinum Q3 printer in operation.

The Platinum Q3 Printer boasts impressive features, including the Quadro Vacuum System, automatic head cleaning, a beltless linear drive, and LED cool cure units. With a print depth of up to 50mm, this printer delivers fast and high-quality printing results.

This printer also comes with an operator's remote control unit for quick functions such as media feed, clamp, and vacuum zoning. Additionally, the Platinum Q3 features the latest Ricoh Gen-6 printheads and a Panasonic drive system, ensuring optimal performance.

Platinum Q3 printer - printing on Correx bard
Platinum Q3 printing on Correx board

The Platinum Printer Family is proud to offer "just add heads technology." This means that all Platinum printers come fully equipped with the necessary tubing, cabling, and circuitry to allow for future upgrades. Simply add printheads to increase your machine's speed and capabilities.

Environmental consciousness is important to the Platinum Printer Family, and the Platinum Q3 is no exception. This printer is eco-friendly and boasts a Greenguard certificate, making it one of the lowest-power machines available with the greenest ink.

Platinum Q3 printer - print head
Platinum Q3 printheads features the latest Ricoh Gen-6 tech.

Our group of company Poppy Signs recently acquired a new Platinum Q3 Printer. Here are the reasons why they chose this particular supplier and model:

  • Build Quality - The Platinum Q3 Printer has a high build quality that is comparable to other brands. It's also equipped with branded components and assemblies that are of high specification.
  • Print Quality - The printer has fully loaded KM1024 heads CMYK, Lc, Lm, White, and Varnish. The heads and brand can be specified and permuted to meet the required profile of work.
  • Speed - The Platinum Q3 Printer has a linear drive and can produce high-quality prints at a speed of up to 85sqm/h. It can also reach a maximum speed of 120 sqm/h.
  • Support - Poppy Signs benefited from the Platinum Q3 Printer's full UK engineer coverage. They are also conveniently located 15 minutes away from the supplier's headquarters.
  • Trust - Poppy Signs has dealt with the supplier's team in the past and can attest to their timely service. Although the brand is relatively new in the UK, the sales volume they have indicates that they will soon be well-known.
  • Value for Money - The Platinum Q3 Printer provides an overall great package that offers value for money.

Poppy Signs believes that this investment will help achieve their goal of providing the best products, services, and value to their customers. The new high-capacity machine is a great addition to their already wide-ranging equipment. They have a line-up of flatbed and roll wide format printers, flatbed applicators, industrial 4m x 2m CNC, laminators, laser cutters, guillotines, banner finishers, and more equipment.

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Having a wide format, state-of-the-art UV printer gives us an advantage when printing hoarding panels at sizes that conventional printers cannot accommodate. This is why we have put together a selection of products in sizes that are suitable for any construction site project.

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Platinum Q3 hybrid printer
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