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Construction Companies Use Hoarding Signs to Engage the Public

What are Hoarding Signs

Hoarding signs are a legal requirement for construction sites, however, they also offer a unique opportunity for construction companies. Hoarding boards not only serve to conceal and guard construction sites but serve as a blank canvas for creative hoarding signage that can grab the public’s attention.

Construction hoardings have the potential to be used as an outdoor advertising tool, providing site managers and contractors with the chance to increase revenue, brand awareness, and community engagement. Hoarding signs offer an engaging marketing tool by utilising powerful graphics and original ideas, transforming what would typically be a mundane task into an exciting opportunity for construction companies.

The Importance of Hoarding Signs for Contractors

Construction is a time-consuming process, and it can take a while to complete a project. During this period, building sites can have a significant impact on the surrounding areas. Hoardings are necessary to keep the public safe from the potential hazards of a construction site, but empty hoardings can quickly become dull and uninteresting.

However, contractors can capitalise on their hoardings by displaying graphics for any of the following reasons:

Advertising their own and other businesses

Regulations require hoardings to be tall enough to prevent easy access, usually around 8 feet or 2.4 meters. Since construction sites are typically large and take up a lot of space, there is ample opportunity for advertising. Contractors can use the hoardings to advertise their own business, projects, or the businesses of nearby companies.

Chorley Market Walk full colour UV printed laminated hoarding panels
Chorley Market Walk full colour UV printed laminated hoarding panels

Fulfil Your Corporate Social Responsibility with Hoarding Graphics

Hoarding signs provide a unique opportunity for construction firms and site managers to not only advertise their project but also to practice corporate social responsibility. By incorporating hoarding graphics, a construction site can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the location while the building process is ongoing. This strategy can serve as an effective tool to counter any public opposition that may surface. In fact, hoarding graphics have the potential to win over the detractors of a project by presenting persuasive arguments and building support for the initiative.

An effective means of accomplishing this goal is by actively seeking the community's input on what they would like to see done with the space. Additionally, hoardings can also serve as a platform for showcasing public art or sharing aspects of the location's history, which contributes to the local character and culture.

Showcasing the Vision for the Finished Product

Construction managers and contractors understand the importance of generating buzz and excitement about their projects. This is where hoarding signs come in. By displaying concept art on the hoardings, people passing by can get a sneak peek of what the finished product will look like.

This technique is especially useful for residential projects, where units are being sold. Beyond generating interest, hoarding signs also serve as an advertising opportunity for potential customers.

Maximising the Potential of Hoarding Signage

Turning hoarding signs into eye-catching attractions requires creativity and careful thought. Rather than producing advertisements that are easily dismissed, the vast blank spaces on hoardings provide opportunities for interesting and attention-grabbing graphics. This makes hoarding advertising more effective than other traditional marketing strategies.

To effectively utilise hoarding signage, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • Create a Captivating Design – the graphic design should draw in people's attention and inspire curiosity.
  • Provide Useful Information – while the design aims to captivate, it must also communicate important information, such as the nature of the construction or renovation.
  • Utilise Quality Materials – high-quality materials should be used to ensure the hoarding signage is durable.
  • Placement is Key – in order to maximise impact, carefully select the location where your hoarding will be erected.
  • Engage with the Community – construction companies should actively engage with the community by organising events or providing updates on the project.

By adhering to these pointers, construction companies can utilise hoarding signage to not only promote their projects but also create a positive relationship with the community.

Altrincham Hospital full colour UV printed branding panels
Altrincham Hospital full colour UV printed branding panels

Exploring the Possibilities

Expanding your horizons and fully exploring the creative potential can yield exceptional hoarding graphics. Hoardings provide businesses with the unique advantage of advertising their projects over larger areas. It offers enthralling options for site managers and contractors to showcase their projects effectively.

The design approach for large-scale projects differs vastly from that of flyers or digital ads, resulting in diverse creative possibilities. Whether it be through repeating patterns, interactive artwork, visual illusions or typography, creative possibilities can enhance the public's imagination, thereby generating interest. Investigating what other brands have accomplished and consulting sign makers during the concept stage can be the first step towards innovation.

Developing a Unified Concept

Time constraints and a need to rush into action often lead construction companies to overlook the crucial "idea" stage. However, it is essential to have a well-connected and strong concept before approaching a signage company. Clear instructions and briefs not only assist graphic designers in producing their finest work, but they also guarantee that the final product is visually pleasing and makes the most sense visually and conceptually.

High-Quality Images are Key

When it comes to hoarding signage, it's vital to avoid using graphics that are faded, peeling, or low in quality. Your brand's image can suffer, and the neighbourhood can appear run-down and unappealing, which can bother residents.

To prevent this, it's essential to work with a reputable signage company that takes pride in their work and understands the environmental pressures that outdoor advertising faces. Hoarding graphics must be able to withstand the elements in all seasons and keep their appeal and brightness throughout the duration of the project.

While sticking to brand guidelines is essential, image selection should also consider the surroundings in which it is displayed. Something that looks refined and appropriate in a historic city district may go unnoticed in a bustling city centre. In contrast, something whimsical and engaging in a contemporary shopping complex may appear loud and gaudy in a serene village setting.

Important Information to Include:

Hoarding signs displayed at construction sites serve not only to leave a lasting impression on viewers but to offer necessary details that encourage them to take actionable steps and seek out more information. Effectively converting brand awareness into profitable leads relies on bold and prominent inclusion of contact information, social media handles, and website links as part of the overall hoarding design.

While not mandatory, construction companies and project managers can significantly benefit from placing hoarding signs. Neglecting to capitalise on the potential of these hoardings to increase sales and generate return on investment would be an opportunity lost. By utilising imaginative hoarding graphics to capture the public's attention, construction projects and brands can cultivate greater success.

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